Point Atkinson Lighthouse

West Vancouver, British Columbia

Point Atkinson Lighthouse

Point Atkinson Lighthouse - August, 1998

The Point Atkinson Lighthouse in West Vanvouver is the first of three lighthouses serving the Port of Vancouver.  The other two are at Prospect Point and Brockton Point.  But unlike the other two, this one requires a relatively strenuous walk.

The original lighthouse at Point Atkinson was built in 1874.  It was replaced by the current hexagonal concrete structure in 1910.

The lighthouse is the main attraction of the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.   To get to the park, drive along Marine Drive  to the west end of the 4900 block and turn south on Beach Lane.  There is lots of parking at the entrance to the park.  To reach the lighthouse, walk down the main trail about 800 metres.  At the end of the main trail, there is a smaller one marked 'lighthouse view' that leads to a decent view of the lighthouse.  Don't limit yourself to that view though;  if you follow some of the other trails to the beaches, you can obtain far more impressive sights of the lighthouse and the surrounding rocks.  I like to climb around the rocks at low tide and view the lighthouse from below.

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