North Cape Lighthouse

North Cape, Prince Edward Island

North Cape Lighthouse

North Cape Lighthouse, July, 1998

The North Cape Lighthouse is on the northwestern point of Prince Edward Island.  A lighthouse has served shipping and fishermen in this area since 1866.  The first light though was a portable lamp erected by local fishermen on a makeshift stage.  The lighthouse was built in the following year, and still stands.

The area around Cape North offers good walking with numerous views of the lighthouse.  I enjoyed walking along the beach and climbing over the rocks to view the lighthouse behind the eroding shoreline.

Cape North is known as the windiest spot in all of Prince Edward Island.  After our visit in the summer of 1998, I can easily believe that.  As a testament to the constant strong winds, an experiment is underway to use windmills to generate electricity.

Other attractions make the drive to North Cape worthwhile, including the Aquarium at the cape itself and Elephant Rock (which actually does resemble an elephant) a short distance away. (Note: I sadly report that since our visit in 1998, Elephant rock has died. It crumbled under force of storm and ice during the following winter.)

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